Your Venue can be the Inspiration! Here’s How:

Your wedding is the most special day of your life and one way to make it even more special is to plan it based on a theme. From the books you read to your neighbors, there are many sources you can tap into for inspiration. But, one of the best ways to find your wedding theme is to use your wedding venue as the influencer.

Creative Wedding Planners at the Bellport Country Club

Certain wedding venues will be very simple, while others will be ostentatious. Irrespective of how it is, your venue can help you understand how best to recreate your dream wedding.

The Bellport Country Club, with its extensive lawns, manicured landscaping and brilliant beachfront property, has been the inspiration for countless of wonderful wedding ceremonies. Here are some of the most favored wedding themes that our guests have used in the past:

  • Literature-inspired wedding

From the iconic Gone With the Wind to the American classic The Great Gatsby, we have had couples who have planned movie or book inspired weddings. Our lush lawns and aesthetically brilliant reception venues can make all of your movie or book-inspired wedding a reality.

  • Vintage wedding

At the Bellport Country Club, we have many beautifully decorated ballrooms which can be the ideal venue for a vintage wedding. Long French windows, traditional draperies, and crystal chandeliers add to the effect. We can provide linens, dinnerware, and furniture as per your theme.

  • Fairytale wedding

With its sprawling tree-covered lawns, the Bellport Country Club offers the perfect start to a fairytale romance. From lit archways to rustic, wooden sign boards, we can decorate the venue according to your requirements. We can string pixie lights to the gardens andthis will add an ethereal look to your wedding.

  • Beach wedding

Our club is renowned for being one of the most beautiful beachfront properties in Long Island. Why not plan your nuptials with the sea as a backdrop? From seashell bouquets to themed invitation cards, we can get you anything you need. Our chefs can whip up some delicious saltwater toffee for your guests.

  • Fall wedding

With its beautiful gardens, the Bellport Country Club offers spectacular views during the fall. We are conducting our Fall Wedding Showcase on September 19th. Join us and experience firsthand the beauty of a fall wedding.

  • Golf wedding

With an extensive golf course within the club’s premises, a golf-themed wedding doesn’t sound too far-fetched.


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