It’s one of the happiest times in your life so far. Your partner has gotten down on one knee and asked you to spend the rest of your lives together. There is truly nothing like the buzz of being newly engaged! Whether you relish in your new status for days or months, soon enough it’s time to get the wedding planning underway. The first big decision, and the one every other will depend on, is the date. Once it’s set, you can start hiring vendors and planning all the amazing details. And let’s not forget, you can start your countdown!

With as busy as everyone is these days, it’s a great idea to send out save the dates to your guests well ahead of formal invitations. Especially if your wedding is in the summer or on a holiday weekend, as people make vacation and travel plans many months in advance.

According to The Emily Post Institute, while not necessary, save the dates should be sent out as soon as the date is known and include the location of the wedding. Everyone who receives a save the date must also be invited to the wedding so put together your guest list with care! And by doing this, you get everyone’s address in advance, so when it’s time to send the formal invites, you’re already a step ahead.

As this is the first glimpse into who you are as a couple and what your big day will be like, save the dates is a fun way to showcase your personalities and get super creative. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Get artistic with a photo card! Are you both sports nuts? Get jerseys made (or DIY it) with the month and date of your wedding. You can also make chalkboard signs and style the card like a photo booth, each shot giving a detail of date and location. Make sure the last picture is the two of you sharing a kiss! If you’re not one for having your faces take up the whole card, get a photo of the two of you walking away holding hands, or make a framed photo a part of the picture, just out of focus with another element about the two of you as a couple front and center. Let your imaginations run wild. Stage your favorite movie poster or get your town’s local marquee to display your date and hop in front of it for a really original photo!

Make it something other than a card! You can print your save the date details on almost anything. If you’re both wine aficionados, customize a cork coaster. Or send a balloon with instructions to blow it up for your special day’s details. Magnets are another popular way of sending a save the date. There’s no doubt it will end up on the fridge and be remembered!

Bring in your pets! Whether it’s a close up shot of your hands and their paws, or a sign around their neck proclaiming their Mom and Dad are getting married, this one is sure to bring a smile to every guest’s face.

Make it funny! If one, or both of you, is known for making everyone laugh, why not show it off on your save the dates? Take a photo of the two of you with wooden numbers for your day literally trying to “save” them from falling or getting away. You can even make a bold, sarcastic statement like: “Free Booze!” and then outline the wedding details in smaller text. Or, if you’re feeling brave, call up your mothers and get your most embarrassing school photos and put those front and center! 

Your guests will be thrilled just to know the two of you are saying, “I Do!”

Letting your personalities shine through is just icing on the (three-tier wedding) cake!

If you have a date in mind and want to check availability at our venue, contact us right here. Standing in front of the water here at Bellport would be a fabulous save the date. Just saying!