Your wedding dress will be the focus of all the eyes of your friends and family on your big day. It is imperative to have your dress beautifully stitched by the perfect seamstress. Here are a few aspects that you need to consider before you select a seamstress for your wedding day:


❖    Alterations v/s designing

Some seamstresses only offer dress alterations as a service, while others can design the entire gown for you. Choose your seamstress based on what you are looking for.

❖    Specialization in bridal couture

Are you purchasing a bridal gown from Vera Wang? If yes, make sure that the seamstress you select has worked with a similar gown before. Designer brands and bridal couture are far more delicate than unbranded dresses and need extra care during alterations.

❖    Fitting sessions

Fittings often involve brides having to spend long hours with the dress designer. While a large percentage of people in this industry are women, there are a few men who specialize in bridal couture. Be sure to consider whether you are comfortable working with men or women and choose accordingly.

❖    Availability of accessories

Some seamstresses also stitch veils, bridal caps, corsages and more. If you wish to buy all these at the same place, choose a seamstress who stocks the entire bridal ensemble.

❖    Safety of your wedding gown

While the idea of home-based tailors may seem nice, it may not be ideal, especially if your bridal gown is expensive. Homes may not have the same level of security or cleanliness as a bridal store and your wedding dress may either be damaged or dirtied.

❖    Time till the wedding

You may require some alterations a few days or weeks before the wedding. It doesn’t make sense choosing a seamstress who stays overseas or who sends the gowns abroad for alterations. Choosing a locally-based seamstress is always better and safer.

❖    Experience working with men’s clothing

Both you and your partner may wish to get your clothes made at the same store. If so, choose a designer who can handle both men’s and women’s clothing. This will avoid your having to search for different tailors.

❖    Customer reviews and testimonials

Most bridal boutiques and seamstresses have their own social media pages. Take a look at those and check the customer reviews. Client testimonials are one of the best ways to understand how a particular seamstress actually is.