You’re walking down the aisle. It’s finally here. The day. YOUR day. And everything is perfect. In that moment, you look into the eyes of your groom, your soon-to-be husband, and you think the butterflies in your stomach might just escape and fly all over the room.

It’s like it’s only the two of you and the love you feel is more intense and exciting than you ever thought possible. This is the day that so many dreams were made of, as a little girl, as a young woman, and now finally, as a bride.

The ceremony is all about your commitment and promises to one another, but after that, you know what time it is. It’s time to celebrate! Your family and friends have walked with you on your wedding journey and now they are all in one place, ready to toast to the happy couple.

At Bellport Country Club, we are the magical place you’ve seen in your dreams. You have a vision, we bring it to life. You have a story, we tell it.

Our venue is a place, but really more of an experience. We are located on Long Island’s South Shore, so bridal photos on our private beach, by the sunset, with beautiful, blue waters behind you are not only possible, they are common.

On the day of your wedding there are no other weddings happening, so from outside to inside and everything in between, it’s stamped with your style and vision.

No stock menu options here, either. Design your own! The day’s fare should be exactly as you picture it. Whether it’s lobster and steak or chicken and dumplings. Have a formal sit-down dinner or a casual buffet. Our staff is happy to accommodate any special requests, too.

Dreaming of a whimsical and charming wedding with lots of flowers and bright colors? Our rose garden will make an excellent spot for pictures or for stealing away a special moment with your one and only.

Dreaming of a vintage-inspired wedding with classic decor and old-fashioned drink options? We’ll step back into time with you and bring the past into the future. Suspenders, anyone?

Dreaming of a vibrant and trendy wedding with speciality lighting and bold linens? Our prefered vendors work with you on every little detail, like funky chair covers or unique centerpieces, so when you walk into the room, you step right into your dream.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas and encourage you to bring it on! We’re amazed at the imaginations and creativity of our couples and turning our venue into something new every week is truly our pleasure.

If you are ready to start planning the wedding of your dreams, just contact us right here. Our staff is available seven days a week.