Wedding menus have been evolving for a long time. With chefs whipping up new dishes at each event, guests can’t wait to see what the couple has in store for them at the wedding.

At the Bellport Country Club, our team of experienced and qualified chefs can create customizable menus to suit your tastes and requirements.

Global delicacies you can’t resist

Choosing what goes on your menu can be challenging. There are multiple options these days and couples need to put serious thought into planning the menu. At the Bellport Country Club, our staff has spent years training under the best chefs in America. From vegan to fusion, we can whip up mouth-watering dishes of various cuisines.

But if you need help deciding the menu, our wedding planners advise you to follow these tips:

Fix the budget

Once you decide on the budget allocated for the food, you can determine what to include on the menu and what not to. Some dishes, especially if custom-made, can be extremely expensive. Non-seasonal produce can be heavy on the pocket too. At our venue, we specialize in personalizing menus. Whether you need a simple menu or something extravagant, you can count on us for help.

Choose a style

Will there be a dancing focus at your wedding and do you wish to have a formal sit-down dinner? The theme of your wedding will impact your menu. Weddings which involve guests mingling require food that can be transported with ease. Formal dinners necessitate traditional and sometimes elaborate dishes that can’t be moved. Let us know what style your wedding will follow and we will create a menu keeping your requirements in mind.

Finalize the guest list

Do you foresee many kids at your wedding? Why not include more desserts to tickle their sweet-tooth? You can even serve smaller portions. If you’re planning an all-vegan guest list, you can have an all-vegan menu made. You can even experiment with the cuisine if you feel your guests might appreciate it.

Attend a tasting

At the Bellport Country Club, we encourage couples to attend menu tastings before finalizing the menu. This will help you be aware of how your menu is shaping up. Each tasting is priced differently based on the menu being created. Let us know what you want and we will have the dish ready for you to taste.