Your cake is the essence of your wedding. The past few years have seen a rise in the number of extravagant cakes that are being produced. While they are beautiful to behold,
these fancy cakes can be a strain on the pocket.

But there’s nothing to fear. You can still get a beautiful wedding cake – while being on a budget. Here are some things that you could try:

  • Use edible flowers and herbs

Flowers are the easiest ways to make a cake beautiful. The type of flowers you choose for your cake can make it go from simple to ornate in a second. You can use either dried or fresh flowers to decorate your cake.

Many new age couples are also trying out organic herbs as cake decorations. The herbs offer a rustic and elegant look to your cake. The best thing about edible flowers and herbs is how easy they are to maintain and how reasonably priced they are as well.

  • Keep it simple and healthy

The cost of a cake depends on the number of layers, the fondant and decorations used and the flavors chosen. Most multi-layer cakes go waste once the wedding is over. Instead, choose a simple single or double-layer cake of a single flavor. Keep the decorations to a minimum. Often times, less is more.

If you do want to use decorations, go for healthier options. Use candied or fresh fruit. You can always cut up the fruit and decorate your cake. Now your cake is healthy and unique.

  • Use simple iced cakes and pastries

Are you bored with the idea of a single flavor? Go ahead and buy iced cakes from your preferred baker. Purchase multiple flavors and stack them one on top of the other. Buying cakes and pastries from your baker will work out much better for you than having a special cake designed for your wedding.

  • Choose a deconstructed cake

Bakers spend most of their time and effort setting and constructing the wedding cake. Topsy-turvy cakes take days to make and multi-layered cakes need pedestals and screws to hold them together, all of which are really expensive. Transport is another issue, with bakers hiring bigger vans to bring your cake to the venue.

Choose a simple deconstructed cake instead. This will help you make valuable savings and create the illusion that you have ordered multiple cakes.

Contact us today to our pre-approved bakery, The Rolling Pin Bakery or using our in house services for your “Once in a Lifetime Wedding Cake”.