Deciding where to have your wedding is one of the most important decisions you need to make during your blissful wedding journey! With outdoor weddings becoming a very popular trend these days, many couples are choosing to buck the trend of traditional indoor ceremonies.

However, with their lavish decorations and spectacular ballrooms, classic indoor venues still have their appeal. With both outdoor and indoor venues offering unique benefits, it becomes challenging to make the right choice. But before you finalize your decision, it’s advisable to consider these factors:

  • Space

If an intimate wedding is what you’re planning, an indoor venue is better suited to your plans. With ballrooms of various sizes available for rent, you can choose the one that meets your requirements.

An outdoor venue is better for large parties where space will be an asset.

  • Weather

Does a bright, sunny wedding sound wonderful? Your vision will be a reality only if the weather holds up. Outdoor venues are a good option only when you are sure of the weather forecast. Or you have to make sure to have a sturdy tent ready to go to cover all your guests comfortably.

  • Costs

To have an outdoor wedding, you may need to invest in tents, portable restrooms, furniture and more. These are sure to prove expensive. Indoor venues, on the other hand, are inclusive of various facilities. At the Bellport Country Club, our ballrooms come with a fully-stocked bridal suite and guest rooms that are sure to be of use to you. 

  • Décor

Indoor wedding venue decorations can be extremely expensive. An outdoor venue with its fully grown trees, flower-laden gardens and beautifully sculpted waterfalls will help you save on unnecessary decorations.

  • Scenery

If you’re looking for a venue that offers spectacular views to your guests, then an outdoor wedding is the way to go. At the Bellport Country Club, our well-maintained lawns, magnificent golf course and manicured rose gardens are sure to add an ethereal appeal to your wedding.

But, if you wish to go the traditional route, our wonderfully decorated ballrooms with their polished hardwood dancefloors, sparkling French windows and crystal chandeliers are sure to win your hearts.

  • Reservations & Bookings

Outdoor weddings are in fashion today and it may be difficult to reserve a venue at short notice. However, it is easier to book an indoor wedding, given the sheer number of ballrooms that venues have.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you decide whether it’s best to have an indoor wedding or an outdoor one. Contact us to discuss! We would be happy to help you make your decision.