A wedding in the snow is like something out of a fairy tale. But though a winter wedding is magical, winter itself can pose some challenges — from freezing temperatures to slippery floors. But with our handy tips and tricks, you can turn your big day into a wondrous winter celebration that you’ll cherish forever.

  1. Dress for the Weather

Winter weddings sound splendid, but there’s no denying they can get a little chilly. Incorporating warm clothing and sensible footwear will save you a lot of trouble on your special day.

For starters, choose a wedding gown that can withstand a bit of snow and water. Look for stylish accessories to keep you warm, such as faux fur jackets and woolen gloves and coats to accessorize your wedding dress. For the groom, a velvet blazer for his tux is both stylish and practical. Unconventional footwear, such as snow boots, can keep your toes warm while making a statement.

  1. Choose a Venue That Won’t Leave You in the Cold

Temperatures can drop pretty low during winter, so it’s important to choose a venue that offers you the best of both worlds — spectacular views and a cozy hearth. Having a mixed venue will also protect you and your guests from slips and falls. If you find the right venue, you can even hold ceremony on the lawn and host the reception in an indoor ballroom.

  1. Offer Special Winter Treats and Drinks

For a unique winter wedding, incorporate winter-inspired flavors in your menu. Think chocolate brulees, roasted strawberry crumble — even a mug of hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows to capture the essence of winter.

In addition, ensure that your bar is open and accessible to keep the party upbeat and light. Wine makes everything better on a cold winter day!

  1. Add Winter-Inspired Color

A winter wedding is your chance to get creative and imaginative with your color schemes. From warm oranges to icy blues, choose gorgeous winter hues to take the venue decorations up a notch. You can even hang Christmas lights to create an ethereal atmosphere for your reception.


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