We know, we know – summer has just begun. While others are watching the mercury rise and feeling that heat index every time they step outside, any bride with a wedding date in the autumn months is thinking past long days by the pool as to what she’ll do to bring a fall flair to her big day.

Every year, trends for autumn weddings continue to get more creative.

Here are a few of our favorites…


A soft glow from a candle provides instant ambiance to any affair, but a lantern will make guests feel like you’re bringing the outside in. A lantern’s light sparks imagery of crisp nights with an earlier sunset. The cozy mood will help guests feel welcome right away.


We’ve seen rose gold take center stage for many a spring and summer wedding. Think of copper as its older, slightly more mature sister. Copper accents can pop up almost anywhere – vases for your centerpieces, copper-rimmed plates or even in the jewelry you and your bridal party wear. This deeper hue will soften up the room with just a few touches.

Gilded Décor

If you’re going to bring in outside elements – leaves, pumpkins, rocks – painting them in gold will make them uniform (since Mother Nature is certainly not perfect) and turn your décor into a stunning display. Many craft stores will sell these items already painted, but it’s a perfect DIY project for you to ask friends and family to help you with before the big day.

Seasonal Food & Drink

What is more autumnal than warm apple cider or pumpkin pie? What if you cast these characters as your dessert or signature cocktail? A warm apple cider with some peach schnapps or a hint of whisky is probably not something your guests enjoyed before. And instead of cutting a wedding cake, why not pie? Your budget surely wouldn’t mind! Surprise and delight your guests with a touch of fall in their fare.

Cozy up the Place

As fall weather can be unpredictable, scattering blankets and pillows throughout your décor – particularly if you have a lounge area incorporated – will give guests a soft spot to warm up. While this doesn’t work for every wedding, a basket of inexpensive pashminas for the ladies set outside the ceremony is kind and comforting. A blanket or two draped over the couches in your lounge section won’t stay put for long – guests are likely to see them and proclaim, “Thank goodness, I’m freezing!” Many rental companies offer these accessories so you don’t have to break the bank to add this thoughtful touch to your celebration.

Shorter days and cooler nights may feel far away, but September will be here before we know it. Adding a hint or two of fall to your big day will charm your guests – and help you think past the dog days of summer!