Corporate Party – FAQ

Bellport Country Club isn’t just for weddings. We can accommodate so much more, including your next corporate party or event. As you begin your planning, we hope you’ll find the information below helpful in considering Bellport for your business! What food options are available for my party/event? Put simply, your choices are as abundant as [...]

16 tips for your 2017 graduation party

Summertime is around the corner and so is graduation! It’s an incredibly exciting time as it marks the first major achievement in a young adult’s life. Just as the post-high school plans will vary from one student to the next, a graduation party should be a distinctive reflection of the guest of honor. Here are [...]

Bridal Shower Planning Tips

You already know your wedding requires a great deal of planning and attention to detail. Chances are you’ve spent many a night getting lost on Pinterest or flipping through every bridal magazine you could spot in the grocery store checkout line. But before the wedding comes the shower! No doubt it’s important to make sure [...]

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