You already know your wedding requires a great deal of planning and attention to detail. Chances are you’ve spent many a night getting lost on Pinterest or flipping through every bridal magazine you could spot in the grocery store checkout line. But before the wedding comes the shower!

No doubt it’s important to make sure it’s an event that not only reflects your personality, but also one that acts as one of the first impressions of your wedding celebration.

Your bridal shower is one of the few times during all of your preparation where it’s not only okay to divvy out the duties, it’s expected. Traditionally, bridesmaids and/or family host the bridal shower, but in this day and age, you might see hosts range from a collective group of friends to being done in part by the bride herself.

Showers can, of course, follow a theme, include or not include gifts and be sprinkled with ice breakers, games, favors and let’s not forget food and drink! It’s your day – your say!

There’s a lot of moving pieces in an event like this. Let’s break down all the bits that make up the day so you can delegate with ease!

Theme: You know that aunt who’s super savvy with a Google search? With a little guidance from you, enlist her skills to navigate through the endless ideas online and hone in on a few for you to choose from. Your shower theme is like the foundation of a home – once it’s set, everything can build up from there.

Food: Do you want to keep it light? Maybe you live for weekend brunch – go with that! If a sweet tooth is more your style, offer your guests a smorgasbord of desserts. Or, if you consider yourself a true foodie, make your fare the highlight of your shower with a live-action station featuring your favorite cuisine cooked fresh and served on demand.

Décor: How you decorate will certainly depend heavily on where you host the shower, but you still need someone to coordinate how the look and feel will tie the party together. Maybe ask your most creative friend that’s equally skilled with a toolbox as they are with a paintbrush. Or perhaps you’ve always admired your mother’s style. These are the people who will not only do a great job with the details, but will enjoy doing it!

Games: Brides often opt out of games – and that’s totally acceptable! – but they are a great way to add structure to the event and get everyone mingling and laughing. Games range from simple trivia to elaborate guessing games or tests of wedding culture and history. If you decide to go with them, ask the natural hostess of your group to come up with game ideas and facilitate them. She’s the one whose parties no one wants to leave. She will no doubt be a natural at getting everyone out of their chairs with a smile and laughing the whole afternoon.

Regardless of how your vision unfolds, Bellport Country Club will be the easiest decision you and your group of planners will need to make. You can host your guests against the beautiful backdrop of rolling greens on the golf course, and stunning views of the Great South Bay. We can accommodate parties large and small and ensure your family and friends have a memorable experience while they eat, drink and toast to you getting married!