5 Ways to Choose the Right Wedding Colors

From luxurious purples to elegant creams, there’s a rainbow of colors out there that you can choose for your special day. But narrowing down on a color scheme can be a difficult task. Keep reading for handy tips to choose the right palette for your nuptials.

  1. Get Inspired By Your Story

Did your fiancé pop the question in a field of daisies? Is your favorite pre-wedding memory the day at the beach? You are sure to have numerous stories about your time with your loved one.

Why not recreate these memories through your wedding colors? From exuberant yellows to pleasant blues, you can use a wide range of options to color your big day. You can even draw inspiration from your wedding attire to influence your decision.

  1. Play Off Your Venue

Your venue will be a major influence in your decision-making process. If you’ve chosen an outdoor venue, draw inspiration from the trees and the grounds. If it’s an indoor wedding, use the architecture as a guide while selecting a color scheme.

  1. Use The Seasons As A Guide

 Are you planning an outdoor winter wedding? If so, incorporate bright and brilliant colors in your venue. From exotic reds to earthy browns, numerous colors will pop against the white of the snow — setting the stage for a truly spectacular wedding.

  1. Draw Inspiration on Pinterest

If you’re looking for creative and unique color schemes, the best place to find them is Pinterest. On this one little app, you can browse thousands of options. Remember to look up Bellport Country Club on Pinterest to see some of the colorful weddings we have hosted.

  1. Stick To The Traditional

If you’re apprehensive about experimenting with the avant-garde, it’s absolutely fine to choose a traditional color scheme in your comfort zone. For instance, you can’t go wrong with creams, pinks and lavenders.

At the Bellport Country Club, our team of experienced wedding planners can advise you on choosing the ideal color palette. We have hundreds of color schemes that go wonderfully with our outdoor and indoor wedding venues. Contact the Bellport Country Club today to start planning your special day.