As one of the most important and elegant accessories of a bride, your bridal bouquet speaks volumes about you and your wedding. Choosing the right flowers and the right bouquet is extremely important to create the perfect look for your special day. Follow our advice to select the ideal bridal bouquet:

  1. Use Your Wedding Dress as Your Guide

As a rule of thumb, choose flowers that draw attention to your dress and enhance its look. Are you wearing a luxurious ball gown–style wedding dress? If so, consider choosing a simple flower bouquet.

If you’re wearing a heavily embroidered or sequined wedding gown, choose bunches that have small flowers such as lilies, daisies and carnations. If you’ve chosen a sheath gown or a simple wedding dress, select elaborate bouquets and large flowers such as roses, succulents and orchids.

  1. Coordinate With Your Bridesmaids

Choosing similar flowers for both the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets is the best way to create a harmonious look for your wedding. If your bridesmaids’ bouquets each feature a single type of flower, why not create the bridal bouquet with a combination of all of them?

For example, if your bridesmaids’ bouquets include roses, lilies and peonies, you can make an elegant bridal bouquet by combining all three. You could also include a fourth flower chosen specifically for your bouquet.

  1. Consider the Big Picture

If you’ve planned your nuptials around a theme, use this theme as a guide to select your bridal bouquet. Focus on choosing flowers that complement the color schemes and the decorations at your wedding.

Another way is to use your centerpiece and flower arrangements as a starting point. For your bridal bouquet, you could use a brighter, fancier and more elaborate versions of these arrangements.

  1. Choose Simple Yet Lovely Flowers

Stephanotis blooms and orchids may look stunning in bridal bouquets, but anyone familiar with how these bouquets are made knows the amount of work it takes to get the flowers into the right shape.

If you’re trying to stick to a budget, rather than spending a lot on fancy flower arrangements, choose flowers that only need to be assembled and not redecorated. For example, ranunculus flowers, peonies and red roses are beautiful and budget-friendly.

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