Almost every woman secretly wish for their wedding to be one of the most remarkably unforgettable events that would stay etched in the minds of all who attend it, forever. With glamour and style percolating our lives like never before, the concept of theme weddings has become the latest fad in the wedding market. So, if you too are planning to host a wedding that would perfectly reflect your couple style and character, you might want to check out our list of smart tips for choosing the most suitable theme for your big day.

Your couple personality

Regardless of the theme that speaks the most to you, you apparently want your wedding to be a real world representation of the kind of couple that you are. Are you a fun couple that revels in the long hours spent glued to your PlayStation? Do you regard yourself as a romantic and deeply philosophical duo? Well, it all boils down to your interests, hobbies, and personal preferences when it comes to finding out your couple personality. Your wedding theme must incorporate the one thing that makes you unique, regardless of however mushy or quirky that might be.


The venue

Another critical aspect of choosing your wedding theme is the venue that you are planning to host it at. Typically, the venue is also determined by your individual couple style and acts as a reflection of what the two of you are like on the inside. For instance, a beach would be the perfect venue for the couples who love the idea of an intimate fairy tale affair against the backdrop of pristine golden sands and the azure expanse of the ocean. On the other hand, the old souls would any day prefer an exotic vintage themed garden wedding that exudes the old world charm of the yesteryears.


The season

You just cannot decide on your wedding theme without factoring in the natural elements such as the season that you are getting hitched in. The twin decisions of choosing the location and the season are essentially correlated. For instance, if you plan to host a lovely garden wedding, the spring season might be your best option to go with it. The season of your choice will also influence the color palette that you need to incorporate into your wedding style. For instance, if you are planning a fall wedding, your best bet would be deep brown and brick reds to essentially play up the various décor elements of the venue.


It is also important that you keep your wedding budget in mind while picking a theme.

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